Is Fashion Important in our Life?

6 10 2009

I think it is not important to be a very fashionable person. But one should move with the time. Fashion makes our life colorful and changes our life with the time or according to the time. It makes me feel good whenever I follow fashion and trends.

So, Fashion is not a new thing in the world as it is found every where. Fashion changed from time to time but it has shown its existence in all ages. Not only young people do fashion, children, old people also do it. Everybody can do it. But yes! for all age groups, fashion is different.

You can express your personality through fashion and you can express others that how you feel about yourselves. If I am speaking for myself, if I am wearing tight fitting or short clothes, I can never feel good about myself. But, if I am wearing comfortable clothes of nice colors then I feel I am the coolest person in the world and forget all the worries. I feel too much confidence in myself.

For some women and some men, fashion plays an important part for them. Good shopping for a new outfit can brighten a mood and gives so much pleasure. Some people remember you by your dress For example: When you met my mother, you wore that shirt or I saw her in my friend’s birthday party, she wore pink top. Some clothes can trigger sad memories also.

is an artistic expression of what is inside. I believe that fashion has the ability to transform you into a new personality, a different person. Most of the styles are applies by teenagers. They always want something unique and new style that differs from others. Therefore, they create a new line of fashion trends to keep their own identity as a teenager.

So, Fashion has its own importance in world.




2 responses

27 10 2009

Loving it, it’s soo true

30 01 2010

nice writing about fashion in our life

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